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The Army: Committed to the people’s well-being

Infantrymen, cooks, mechanics, store keepers, stretcher-bearers, dog trainers, tank drivers, electricians… thanks to their training, the Army man is before anything else a soldier. When in active service – in France or abroad – the soldier participates in peace-keeping and security missions; and assists the local population. When not on mission, he undergoes strict and challenging military drills that train him in weapon skills, fighting techniques and new technologies.

There’s everything to be gained from the army

Are heterosexuals better suited to the Army than gays? Being a soldier is like living a wicked and genuine adventure which requires a taste for hard work, social skills, availability, and discipline. Each and everyone has to find their right spot within the Army, whatever their sexual orientation. Our abilities and skills must blossom within this tight-knit community while attending to the needs of the nation and respecting the demanding yet generous values of the Army.

The Army, a true commitment

To be gay and in the Army is possible and quite easy to live, unless of course you repeatedly shove it into the wrong person’s face. offers you amazing dating opportunities with soldiers who share your sexual preferences. In addition to exchanging intimate wishes and thoughts with soldiers, you will be able to know more about the fascinating world of the armed forces through its daily experiences.