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Fire fighters, professionals committed to serving the people

Fire fighters’ legal status varies from one area to another. In the cities of Paris and Marseille they belong to the armed forces whereas in other regions they are civilians – professionals and volunteers alike. However, their duties are identical: to protect people, their belongings and the environment. They assist all victims, especially people who have suffered from accidents and natural disasters.

The Fire Brigade, a service more tolerant than others?

Known for their greater openness and relative tolerance compared to other arms of the armed forces, gay fire fighters still hesitate before revealing their sexual identity to their colleagues. Opinions vary; some believe in the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” principle, while others insist on the important separation that is supposed to exist between private and professional lives. And there are the people who think it’s simply a question of understanding with their peers. Each and everyone follows their own ideas.

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A career in the world of fire fighting has always had excellent reputation. Today, being a fire fighter gives you a privileged status within society. With you will have the opportunity to date gay fire fighters that share the same sexual preferences as you and you will be able to share intimate thoughts while discovering the fascinating world of the Fire Brigade. Learn about their everyday experiences and appreciate these people who are ready to put their life in the line of fire to rescue people in distress.